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Marketing Professionals Creating 48 Websites in 48 Hours

Mobilizing Marketing Professionals When teams of people work together to creatively design 48 websites for 48 nonprofit organizations in just 48 hours the impossible is made possible! Jeff Hilimire and Adam Walker started this incredible journey in 2015. Fast forward to 2018, and this transformational concept has grown to 7 cities across the world!  48in48… Read More Marketing Professionals Creating 48 Websites in 48 Hours

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Will Podcasts Engage Your Target Audience?

Podcasts are an emerging market for communicators, strategists, and marketers. According to “The Infinite Dial” report by Edison Research and Triton Digital, 40% of Americans have listened to a podcast. That is an estimated reach of 112 million people. I enjoy listening to the Sustainable Business Australia (SBA) podcast. The host for this podcast is Andrew Woodward,… Read More Will Podcasts Engage Your Target Audience?

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Celebrating during stressful times

I am sure everyone has experienced a stressful time or two as we go through this journey we call life. And I have decided to change my focus from events that upset me, to events that I can celebrate. Too often I have allowed a few bad situations to ruin my entire day. Well, that… Read More Celebrating during stressful times