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I am addicted to paper planners and organizers

organizational paper day plannerAm I the only one who can’t pass up a bookshelf full of paper organizers? I have to pick up each one, touch them, flip through them and then sternly tell myself I don’t need another day planner or organizer.

The funny part is, I still stand there, tenderly holding the book in my hand, while my mind is arguing with my heart.  I can’t help it, I love paper, I love being organized, I love the idea of creating lists, and I love checking off those lists.

A Gift

Back in 2015, I received a complimentary copy of Cultivate What Matters Powersheets from Lara Casey who was the key speaker during an Illuminate event I was attending.

This gift reawakened my very soul. I was reminded of kindness, compassion, and forgiveness. Everything I had been denying myself. Within the pages of the 2015 PowerSheets I was able to bare my raw feelings and desires in a private and personal way. I am truly thankful for Lara’s gift of hope that day.

Do you have a favorite planner or organizer?

This year, I ordered my very first Passion Planner in Blue Blossom! I am in love. There are areas for me to be creative, space to organize my day and pages for me to plan out specific goals and long-term dreams.

But, was that enough? Oh no, it wasn’t! I just had to get the flow magazine 19 Days of Mindfulness issue. *dreamy look in my eyes* This magazine has helped me to stop my self-destructive pattern of self-judging. It has helped me to relax and allow my day to flow more naturally.


Just yesterday, my daughter and I were visiting our local Books-A-Million store and she had to literally take me by the arm and escort me away from the annual planner area. I can’t help it. Just holding one makes me feel more efficient and ready to tackle the day.

What I am learning, is the most important step with any tool, whether paper or electronic, is that for it to be useful, we need to actually use it. Therefore, I am determined to not purchase another planner, until I have effectively used the one I have and have found a real reason why I need another one.

Of course, my mind automatically starts thinking about different possible reasons. Such as, what about the beautiful pictures?  We could cut them out and paste them into our Passion Planner. Or, what about the planners with all the motivational sayings?  We could cut those out and paste them into note cards and send them off to friends.

You know, I must really learn to reign in my excitement about such things. But sometimes it just makes me laugh. Thankfully, my addiction is for recycled paper bits that bring me joy.

I guess there could be worse things.

Sending you much love,


4 thoughts on “I am addicted to paper planners and organizers

  1. I bought the Passion Planner this year as well after a decade of Franklin Planners. I thought I’d use it more often but I’m using it as rarely as I used my other one. lol I really need to get better at using it though; I have goals I want to reach and I need to use the planner to… well… plan them out!

    1. I have been having the same problem Mitch. I think after being in school and getting used to using my phone as a calendar and notepad, I have forgotten the real joy and useful applications of utilizing a paper planner. I have also been wondering if I went too large with my paper #passionplanner. I love the 8×10 one, but I am not comfortable carrying it around with me, so it isn’t being used while out and about.. which is when I also need it. I have been thinking about getting the smaller size and keeping the 8×10 version near my office chair. I have found that by taking notes and writing things down a few times really helps me set it to memory and keep on top of things. Maybe, writing important dates, plans and meetings in the 8×10 and then copying it into the smaller version that I can carry around would help me be more organized and less stressed out. What do you think?

  2. I bought the smaller one (dark blue) for myself and my wife and it’s much easier to carry around. I actually do carry it around, I just forget to use it. Part of me thinks I should have gotten the bigger one because it would be more prominent but I know me and know I’d be reluctant to take it out of the house… for probably no reason whatsoever.

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