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Are you aligned with your personal mission?

aligning actions with my missionBefore taking Miss Mindy’s COM 466 class at NC State University I didn’t fully understand that I had a mission and how much of an impact my alignment with it had to do with my ultimate success.

We each have beliefs and dreams about who we are and what we want to be. Putting these together help us understand what our personal missions are. My personal mission is to live a healthy life and love those around me.

Our everyday actions show us if we are aligned with our mission or if we have become lost. I have found it is easier to understand broad concepts by breaking them down into their simplest parts.

According to Merriam-Webster, mission means “a specific task with which a person or group is charged” (Merriam-Webster, Mission [Def. 1], 2016).  What is a specific task you have charged yourself with? This could be getting more sleep, eating less sugar, smiling to strangers, or just taking time to be still. I have charged myself with taking a few minutes each day to do nothing. This is very difficult since I love to always be busy, however I have found that just by taking a few minutes each day I am able to release some anxiety and stress that would otherwise just keep building up.

Whatever the tasks are that you have charged yourself with, make sure your actions are aligned to them. Each time you notice that an action is not aligned with your personal mission, take note of it and either change your mission, or re-align your actions.

You are worth the effort!
~ Anna Campbell

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