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Building an Effective Website in 6 Steps

© 2016 JC Raulston Arboretum
This website using color, images, words and link placement to guide visitors. I did not design this website, only using as a reference.

An effective website generates leads through story telling, colors, images and ease of use.

Before creating your website, brainstorm about what you want it to accomplish for you. Consider who will be visiting your page, what will they be looking for and what is the easiest way you can make sure they find it.

  1. Tell your story in 145 characters on your front page (this encourages you to be specific, direct and careful about your word choice).
    1. Expand your story to a few paragraphs with interesting pictures using an “About Us”, “Our History”, “Our Background” type of page.
      1. Include: who, what, where, when and why.
  2. Colors effect meaning, relevancy and professionalism (or lack there of)
    All website content © 2016 North Carolina Botanical Garden unless otherwise noted.
    This website uses white space to balance out the different colorful sections. I did not design this website, only using as a reference.
    1. Select colors that identify the purpose of your website
      1. Rainbow colors indicate fun, elementary, education
      2. Calm colors represent health, wisdom
      3. Bold colors represent business and dominance
  3. Contact information
    1. Always include ways for visitors to reach you in person, online, over the phone
  4. Social Media
    1. If you are using any social media accounts, make sure they are listed on every page of your website
  5. Images
    The North Carolina Arboretum ©2016 website by Cuberis
    This website utilizes color and imagery to immediately draw you into their product – nature. I did not design this website, only using as a reference.
    1. It is true, images can speak a thousand words – so select and use them wisely.
    2. Each post should include at least 1 picture.
  6. Writing quality
    1. Please have someone edit your website content for grammatical errors or unclear language.

There are many other elements to consider when creating a vibrant and thriving website, however for this article I am keeping it simple and focused.


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