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Farewell Grandma Lue

It is with deep love and gratitude I share my memories of Grandma Lue with you today. She was a remarkable woman, a feminist through and through. Lessons Learned She taught me by example that a woman can support herself, respect herself, and love herself for who she was, not what society told her she… Read More Farewell Grandma Lue

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Lessons learned from Richard Branson

Having fun while creating a better world should always be on our list of accomplishments. I am ashamed to admit that I really wasn’t expecting much when I purchased this book at Pomegranate Books in Wilmington, NC. Somehow, I was under the impression that this Branson guy was an old, rich, fuddy-duddy who lived in… Read More Lessons learned from Richard Branson

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My mini me has arrived!

My journals are annual love affairs for me. They are bitter sweet by teasing me with sweet musings of optimistic quotes while simultaneously demanding me to use my time wisely. My larger Passion Planner is perfect for my office chair and my mini me planner is perfect for my purse! Benefit of my College education… Read More My mini me has arrived!