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My mini me has arrived!

My journals are annual love affairs for me. They are bitter sweet by teasing me with sweet musings of optimistic quotes while simultaneously demanding me to use my time wisely. My larger Passion Planner is perfect for my office chair and my mini me planner is perfect for my purse! Benefit of my College education… Read More My mini me has arrived!

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Celebrating during stressful times

I am sure everyone has experienced a stressful time or two as we go through this journey we call life. And I have decided to change my focus from events that upset me, to events that I can celebrate. Too often I have allowed a few bad situations to ruin my entire day. Well, that… Read More Celebrating during stressful times

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My Reading List for 2018

I am starting off this new year with a wonderful list of books, magazines, and articles. I love crawling into the mind of authors by getting to know their creations and living in their created worlds. This year I am excited to continue my journey with Flow Magazine and Charles Dickens with his tales about… Read More My Reading List for 2018