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Upcoming Sustainably Minded Events in North Carolina

Sometimes it can be difficult to find events we are interested in with all of the different social media accounts, websites and news media sites showering us with data. I have found the following very interesting events and am excited to share them with you. If you have found other related events in North Carolina,… Read More Upcoming Sustainably Minded Events in North Carolina

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Business Marketing Services

Are you ready to reach your desired clientele? Anna Campbell works with her clients to create a clear plan to attract, communicate and secure desired clientele. Anna has experience with a range of clients including: bed & breakfasts, candle manufacturing companies, gift shops, service providers, historical societies, antique dealers, specialty shops, community events, educational institutions, and… Read More Business Marketing Services

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Traditions Tie Generations Together

While researching for communication technology articles I discovered an article about young people using social media as a force for good within their national community and their own ancestral culture (Elbien). Social media has been a game changing technology for many people around the world. Ruth McCambridge describes social media as a fundamental part of… Read More Traditions Tie Generations Together