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Celebrating during stressful times

I am sure everyone has experienced a stressful time or two as we go through this journey we call life. And I have decided to change my focus from events that upset me, to events that I can celebrate. Too often I have allowed a few bad situations to ruin my entire day. Well, that just won’t do!

Passion Planner reasons for celebrationPassion Planner reasons for celebrationThis year, I decided to use a new paper planner from Passion Planners and it includes areas for “This Weeks Focus” and “Good Things That Happened”.

I had become so used to using my phone as an automatic resource for notes and calendar inputs that it took me almost three weeks to start fully using my day planner.

Colors are a great way to highlight positive or fun events happening during each day.

Personal Celebrations

This week, I am celebrating my husband’s successful surgery and a few employment opportunities that have been opening up to me!

What are you celebrating this week? Would love to hear about how you are doing and celebrate with you.

~ Anna



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