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Challenges are for the Mighty are you Ready?

In Our Shoes organization for aging out foster care childrenToday, I am challenging you to meet one new person online or offline. Get to know their name, where they are from, what type of business they are in or would like to be in.

Ask them what challenges them? Do they get motivated by challenges? Is there a challenge they could use help with?

Challenges help bring us an opportunity to improve who we are, how we interact with other people, and how we perceive the world around us.

Accept today’s challenge and let me know where you met your newest contact!

Maurita Miller with In My ShoesI met Maurita Miller while volunteering together within a local organization that provides groceries for low-income, home bound senior citizens. Maurita is an amazing woman who challenges everyone around her to do more, expect more, and appreciate more. She has been an advocate for foster care children for a while now and she has started a project to build housing for foster care children who are aging out of the system and will become homeless and without support the day they turn 18! She refuses to turn her own foster care children out onto the street just because they have celebrated their 18th birthday. Her students are working or going to college and as many teenagers not prepared or capable of providing their own shelter during school breaks or with a minimum wage job.

In Our Shoes, an organization dedicated to helping youth in transition from Foster care to adulthood.

Their mission is to provide awareness to foster care issues in our nation and the effect it has on young adults who are aging out of foster care by linking you to resources to:
1) Provide facts regarding foster care in America
2) Link youth and parents to support and training
3) Link you to resources to become a foster parent

Their value is to give kids who want to make a difference in their own lives the opportunity to succeed by connecting them to resources in their community.

When I asked her what type of help she needed, she explained how she has the idea and the drive, but she could really use help with putting together the marketing strategy and implementing it! True music to my ears. I LOVE marketing!! So, we have set-up a coffee date and we will be putting together her annual marketing calendar!

You can find out more about this amazing woman and her organization at her website:

Your turn!!!


~ Anna Campbell

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