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Complete Your Business Plan in 3 Easy Steps

Business Plan for 2016Your business plan for 2016 is not only about the bottom line of your business; it is about you – the human being creating balance for your business and personal success.

Starting and growing your business is easier once you have the steps set out for you. Businesses are run by setting goals and accomplishing them. Every goal accomplished gets you closer to achieving larger and larger victories.

Each business goal should be broken down into basic workable pieces, pieces that you can easily consider without stressing over or worrying about while you are trying to sleep.

As you go through the following questions, take a few minutes to consider the many ways you can answer them and what the different results could be. Make sure the results are in line with the outcome you desire.

Step 1: Basic Business Questions

Let’s begin by writing down some thoughts:

1. What will your business look like in 5 years? Employees, revenue, products/services, location(s), etc.


2. What will your business look like in 10 years? Will you be relocating, selling your business, or investing in new products/services?


3. What is your dream income in 3 years? This is a realistic dream.


4. What is your dream income in 5 years? This will help with future pricing formulas.


Writing down your ideas, dreams and goals will help you stay focused and be more accountable.

Congratulations, on choosing success for you and your business.

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Anna Campbell

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