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Create a beautiful Monarch Butterfly Habitat

creating a monarch butterfly habitat Photo credit:
Creating a monarch butterfly habitat Photo credit:

“Butterflies play a number of roles in the ecosystem. They act as a pollinator and as a food source for other species, acting as an important connector in a thriving ecosystem web.”

Nearly one billion monarch butterflies have vanished since 1990 due to the diminishing milkweed habitat that they rely on.” By partnering with local farmers, arboretums, and community gardens we can rebuild milkweed habitats throughout North Carolina and everywhere we live.

I love that we are located in the spring path of Monarch butterflies! And as we learned from the videos and materials provided to us, Monarchs need milkweed plants to lay their eggs.

Unfortunately, many students may not be able to plant this necessary food source and baby incubator near their dorms in planters.  But, we do have a wonderful “Soul Garden” here on NC State University campus and I am sure they would LOVE for students to help build and tend a butterfly garden.

Here is a fun page about planting your own Monarch butterfly garden. This website includes wonderful information about which plants go best in different regions of the US, where to plant them and in which seasons to planet them.

The Life Cycle of Milkweed

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