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Daily Motivation about Flexibility with Anna Campbell

Flexibility and Control of your business and personal CalendarFlexibility can quickly turn to being used if we are not careful about who is in control of our calendar.

“Either you run the day, or the day runs you.” Jim Rohn, American entrepreneur and author

As business leaders we need to be flexible because the only life we are in control of is our own. However, just because other lives may cause chaos, grief or tension, doesn’t mean that we need to allow them to change or control our day or our life.

The simple and yet sometimes overwhelming power of saying NO is at our disposal and it is our true discerning moment when we choose to control how other peoples choices and actions affect our own.

Don’t buy into the chaos of the situations around you. Focus on your own calendar, your own situations that need to be completed, and allow only those changes to happen that do not negatively affect you or your business. Flexibility should never render you powerless. They should provide you with options. Sometimes being flexible provides us with options that may have otherwise passed us by!

May you find comfort in your own power,

Mrs Anna Campbell

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