Daily Motivation

Daily Motivation of peace with Anna Campbell

Sparkly slippers from David Anthonys gift shop in Fuquay-VarinaSome days a girl just needs her sparkly slippers and a warm fleece to give her comfort. I just smile everytime I look down at my fluffy soft on the inside sparkly slippers. haha!

“For peace of mind, resign as general manager of the universe.” Larry Eisenberg, American Writer

Do you ever have those days where you just can’t keep everything under control and you finally realize, that it isn’t your job to? Ha!! Today is that day for me. I can release all of my anxiety and stress over whether other people are getting to work ok, other people are going to drive safely, other people aren’t going to text and drive, and other people aren’t going to be mean to my girl today.

Yes, I realize that I used “other people” quite a lot. That is my point. I am not in control of anyone, except myself!

“Happiness is an inside job. Don’t assign anyone else that much power over your life.” Mandy Hale, Author

By allowing my whacked out expectations of controlling other people dominate how I feel.. I am allowing them control over my happiness.

No more!!! I take it all back. Today, I am going to breathe, relax, and accept my own destiny. I will bring joy to every encounter, and not allow anyone to steal it away from me. 🙂

May your day be filled with happy thoughts, fond memories, and good tidings!


Mrs Anna Campbell

P.S. I fond my sparkly slippers at David Anthony’s in Fuquay-Varina.

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