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Exploring Google Trends about the B Corporation Community

Did you know that Google Trends can help PR practitioners understand the ebb and flow of popular content? I am wildly in love with the idea of supporting sustainability focused businesses. I just can’t figure out how to find them. And once I do find them, how do I know they are telling the truth?

B Corporations

B Corporation CertificationThe B Corporation certification label helps all of us understand which companies are proving their sustainability. Each certified B Corporation has had to earn a minimum of 80 points through an exhaustive assessment by an independent third-party.

B Corporations proudly display a logo to show their dedication to becoming the best FOR the world instead of best IN the world.

I was curious to know which terms are being used by the google community relating to B Corps, B Corporation certification and sustainability.

Selecting Key Words or Phrases

Google Trends key words phrases topicsI started having fun by just plugging in different key words or phrases that I thought related to the B Corporation community. Google Trends allows us to compare up to five key words or phrases called topics. I found it interesting to see five topics all at once because each one is designated to a specific color throughout the information Google Trends shares in its report.

Viewing Different Time Periods

google trends popular topic key words phrasesThe comparison charts visually displays which topic demonstrated the most interest over a 12 month default period. We can also select several different time periods including: 2004-present, past 5 years, past 90 days, past 30 days, 7 days, past day, past 4 hours, and past hour.

This works great until you have one topic that more popular than all other topics and your graph becomes less useful. When this happens I focus on the most popular topic by itself and then focus on a group of topics that are more closely related in popularity.

Viewing Popularity by Country or City

Google Trends by regionI found viewing where geographically my topics were more popular very interesting.  I assumed that B Corporations and sustainability related topics would be most popular in the United States where B Lab is located (the independent third-party that assesses companies wanting to become certified) or Canada where the annual B Corp Champion Retreat for the top 10% best FOR the world companies meet in October. Surprisingly, Italy and other countries ranked much higher on sustainability related topics.  This information provided an opportunity to conduct research and learn why this was the case. It turns out that, “On December 28, 2015, Italy passed historic and wide-ranging legislation for the promotion of the ‘green economy.‘”

Current Related Google Trends

A few of the top related keywords on google trends include:

  • Sustainable development (Cameroon, Madagascar, Netherlands, Zambia, Senegal in order of popularity)
    • Related popular searches:
      • sustainable
      • development
      • desarrollo (Spanish for development)
      • durable
  • B Corporation (Philippines, India, United States, Canada, Australia in order or popularity)
    • Related popular searches:
      • what is a b corporation
      • b corp
      • certified b corporation
      • b corporation list
      • b corporation definition

Using the Data

Visual graphics are wonderful if you know where the data is coming from and what the data means in relation to your research goals. This takes a bit more time of digging into Google Trends definition of terms and data sources.


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