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Farewell Grandma Lue

Grandma Lue EnnisIt is with deep love and gratitude I share my memories of Grandma Lue with you today. She was a remarkable woman, a feminist through and through.

Lessons Learned

She taught me by example that a woman can support herself, respect herself, and love herself for who she was, not what society told her she could be.

My Grandma Lue passed away before this past Christmas in 2017. She was 90 years young and lived everyday with passion, love, and solidarity.  She had told me stories about how she had fallen in love once, but it wasn’t meant to be. She had forged through life as a lone figure caring for those around her and dutifully participating in activities at her church.

Choices in Life

You see, my Grandma Lue is… was… my chosen grandmother. We weren’t related by blood. All of my grandparents had passed away by the time I was nine years old. She allowed me to adopt her and she embraced me as the grandchild she would never have had.

Every month she would send me love notes. Notes encouraging me to tackle whatever was ahead of me. Notes showing me how much she believed in me. Notes reminding me how much love there is in our world.

My Grandma Lue will continue to live on in my heart and mind. She will continue to inspire me to dream bigger and never give up on the kindness of strangers.

I now understand what she had been trying to teach me all along. You don’t have to be related by blood to truly love someone. All you have to do is love.



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