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Finding your passion through honesty and acceptance

Remembering your whyThis past year has been a continuous lesson of learning about my limitations of time, focus, and drive. At first this felt very negative and depressing. I felt as though I had failed or not been good enough to handle what had come my way.

However, through deep meditation, speaking with close friends and family, I have learned that these are amazing opportunities to fine-tune, focus, and really capture what is at my core and true purpose; at this moment in my life.

Accepting my limitations in areas of volunteer service hours, depth of philosophical learning, and readiness to jump into the next adventure has really allowed me the opportunity to stop, re-evaluate, and consider why. Why is this important? Does this have to be done now? Will this effect my core purpose of becoming a whole person?

Power of your Inner CircleRemoving responsibilities can be a very freeing, exhausting and daunting challenge. Can I say no? Is it alright to just stop? How can I turn away? Sometimes, just taking that first step of being honest turns out to be the easiest possible way.

Is what you are doing right now, what you always wanted to do? Are the groups you are involved with really connecting you to where you want to be? Are the people in your inner circle really helping you to be healthy and excited to conquer that next challenge?

I am learning to embrace these moments of great change, and seeing them as an opportunity to see a whole new world of possibility… and I can’t wait to get started!

May you be blessed in your actions and may you find passion along your journey!

Anna Campbell

2 thoughts on “Finding your passion through honesty and acceptance

  1. When your life becomes inconsistent with your goals and ideals, you will change direction. I applaud your courage and look forward to hear about your continuing journey!

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