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Going back to college with focus and determination

NCSU NC State University studentTime has provided me with a wonderful opportunity to figure out what I love to do and how I can best achieve my business goals. Being a part of a team of intelligent, focused and inspired communication and marketing specialists is my career game plan.

Understanding what is required and how to achieve them has been daunting, challenging, exciting and terrifying. In order to achieve my dream career, I need to finish my degree and go back to school!

I have been accepted into the Communications bachelor program at NC State University with a focus on PR to finish my last 2 years. My first week of classes are behind me and I am starting to settle into a return of reading, attending classes, reading, taking notes, re-reading, and contemplating what I am reading.

NCSU NC State University studentAfter realizing that I no longer remember enough French (after taking several years in middle and high school) to pass the basic foreign language placement exam, I had to figure out how to insert a foreign language into my already packed schedule. Thankfully there was one class that fit: Italian! Ciao baby!

This is going to be a really fun, tiring, and worthwhile semester packed with Philosophy of Science, Speech, Communication Theory, Italian, Statistics, and Anthropology!

NCSU NC State University studentI will be sharing with you my discovery’s as we delve into: what is the difference between science and pseudoscience, formally addressing an audience with an impactful and entertaining speech, understanding that the same word may have a different meaning to your listener, learning how to say Ciao!, do you have enough data points to infer the correct analogy or hypothesis, and lastly why are all those bones piled up into that hole.

As a final send off into the world of academia, my laptop has also declared its final independence by starting to have a hard disc failure. Alas, my old friend will be put aside as new technology enters and provides me with further adventures and learning curves.

May the games begin!!! Carpe Diem!

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  1. You are such an inspiration! I am excited to learn about your new endeavour and I know you will enjoy every moment. I love your class choices and can’t wait to hear more about them!

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