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Host an earth-friendly party in 7 easy steps

Hosting parties can be very stressful for the holiday host or hostess. Here are 7 easy steps to hosting a happy and earth-friendly holiday party.

  1. Create a guest list
  2.  Create a party theme
  3. Create a party menu
  4. Select paper or virtual invitations
  5. Pick out a comfortable and festive outfit
  6. Clean a little daily
  7. Be ready two hours before

1. Compile a guest list

Think about your group of friends and ask yourself the following questions.

  • Who can keep a conversation alive?
  • Who can listen and encourage others to participate?
  • Who always brings something delicious to eat?
  • Who has interesting stories to share?
  • Who helps others to laugh?

As people pop into your mind, add their names to your list.

2. Choose a party theme

wrapping up a successful party photo by DavidThink about the time of day and location where you will be hosting your party. Think about the people on your guest list.

After deciding on a theme, include the details in your invitation so guests can be prepared and enjoy your party.

3. Create a party menu

Do you enjoy preparing all the food, selecting a caterer, or including guests in a holiday potluck? If you prefer to prepare the entire meal, be sure to find out about food allergies.

When selecting a caterer be sure to reserve them at least 3 to 6 months in advance for busy holiday seasons.

If you want to host a holiday potluck dinner, be sure to let your guests know what you will be preparing and what you would like for them to bring.

4. Select paper or virtual invitations

Holiday Party Invitations photo by Freestocks.orgProviding a convenient way to keep your guests in the loop about your party is essential to keeping your party top of mind during a very busy holiday season.

Paper invitations can be beautiful and placed on a calendar or refrigerator.

Virtual invitations help keep the conversation going with party updates and fun reminders. Some virtual invitations also provide you an area where guests can sign-up to bring specific gifts or food items.

5. Pick out a comfortable and festive outfit

Picking out an elegant, fun or beautiful outfit is important to many hosts. I encourage you to also consider comfort while trying on your new or existing outfits.

Nothing stresses out a host or hostess more during a party than always having to readjust an outfit that is too tight or too loose.

And dangling jewelry can sometimes get in the way while talking or it can become attached to guests during a hug. Wear your holiday outfit prior to your party and practice sitting, standing, bending over, and hugging someone.

6. Clean a little daily

Clean a little daily photo by Michal JarmolukHaving a clean space to host parties and welcome guests into helps to reduce stress and limit embarrassing moments. I learned early on to clean up a little every day during the week prior to my parties.

This helped me from being hot and sweaty from cleaning all morning, prior to my party. Hosts and hostesses are often also trying to prepare food and make sure family members are ready for guests.

I promise, cleaning a little each day, helps make your big day less stressful and more enjoyable.

7. Be ready two hours before

Be ready and relax photo by Tamarcus BrownThis might seem impossible, however, an easy trick I have used is to convince myself the party starts two hours prior to its real time. I write down the party time as two hours earlier in my journal, calendar, on my fridge, and on post-it notes.

This has provided me with enough time to settle my nerves, become comfortable with the party space, unwind from little worries, and get ready to have fun and enjoy my guests.

Wrapping up a successful party

Enjoy your holiday party. photo by Matthew HenryNow that your party is well on its way, you can relax and simply enjoy delicious food and delightful guests.

I would love to hear all about how your party went and what you are going to do differently next time.

What are your must-do party tricks for a great holiday party?

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