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How Memorable are your Client Thank you Gifts

Eddie & Eva create handmade soaps as thank you giftsEvery business wants to be remembered. But, how much of an impact do your client thank you gifts make?

Business owners, Realtors, and service providers are always trying to think of new ways to thank their clients so their clients feel appreciated and will want to re-use their service or product.

The key to a client coming back is good service or product in the beginning. The thank-you gift is a minor follow-up with a potentially large reminder about how amazing your service or product was, and that is why your client will come back!

Being creative with thank-you gifts is key to being remembered amongst all the note cards, wine bottles and gift baskets.

Eddie & Eva who make handmade soaps understand what it means to provide excellent products with excellent service. They pride themselves with providing their clients with high quality handmade soaps and bath products in beautiful re-useable cloth bags!

The beauty of their talent is that they can help you market your branding by supporting their small business and by giving your clients and customers with something they can use and remember!

Eddie & Eva are able to stamp their cloth gift bags with your logo! This way you will be sending a specialized gift that is practical, useable and earth friendly!

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