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How to Create Powerful Infographics

How to create a motivational infographicI love empowering others to believe in themselves and focus on building up the people in their lives. One of the most effective ways I have found to share motivational sayings or powerful messages is through infographics.

Infographics have been around for a while but recently the technology to create them has become a lot easier to use and much cheaper to purchase. Back in 2014, HubSpot featured an article explaining why infographics are so darn effective. Apparently, with all of our digital accessories we are overloaded with content. Infographics help us receive information through a less stimulating and more positive way.

Infographic App

How to create powerful infographics

I used Typorama to create these three infographics. It is a free app that is easily downloaded to your smartphone.  The fee to unlock all the features in this app is $5.99.

This app provides me with a variety of ready to use backgrounds or the option to use one of my existing photos already on my phone.

The two most important things to consider when creating an infographic is understanding who you are trying to reach and why. You select the image based on who you are trying to reach. Select something that reflects your message and will also attract your desired target market. Your words will reflect the why. Allow your words to be few in number and big in meaning. Your image should speak volumes while your words hit home your key message.

Creative Options

Using Typorama to create fun infographics

Typorama includes a wide range of filters and decorative wording overlays. It also has fading, brightening, and sizing features.

I used background images provided by Typorama for all three infographics. I used three different decorative font overlays and three different filters.

The first image was originally a bright yellow so I used a dimmer filter. I used a blue filter on the second image to highlight the sparkler, and a warmer filter on the third image to bring out the sunset.

Platform Specific Features

Typorama also has a feature that crops the image based on the social media platform you are going to use. I made each of these images compatible with Instagram‘s sizing scale. The app includes sizes for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn. And additional sizes range from 3×2 to 9×16.

You may notice the tag line watermark, “made with TYPORAMA” on the bottom right of each image. I can pay a $4.99 one time fee to have that removed or I can pay $5.99 and receive all of their special features and remove the watermark. Which is exactly what I just did.

I love using this app because it is easy, fun, and produces a high quality product.  I believe this app is perfect for any PR pro wanting to create good content quickly for a wide range of platforms.

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