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How important are Hedgerows and Wildflowers

Hedgerows and WildflowersIn England, Ireland and Scotland landowners use living hedges as fences to border their properties and fields.

I remember an article discussing upgrades some property owners in Ireland were replacing hedgerows with stone fences and it resulted in a drastic decline in their local natural eco system. Birds, bees, lizards and other species disappeared. The community reinstated the natural hedgerows and over a few years their natural eco system returned.

Nature is a beautiful and delicate dance. One that can be abruptly destroyed by ignorance and human interference.

We are currently on a trip to Winston-Salem and then up to Virginia. We have seen beautiful flowers and natural wildflower patches along the inner median along our stretch of highway during our travels. I love the more natural feel and the abundance of color and life being encouraged. I believe this can be monetarily compensated by not paying for the companies to mow the medians (human time, equipment, pesticides, grading of soil) and the ability of water to seep down through the diversity of plants helps to create richer soil and refill our aquifers.

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