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Learn How to Effectively Live Tweet

Live Tweeting events or TV shows provides an opportunity for you to actively communicate with brand new people and existing followers on your Twitter account.

Just be sure to know these three things before starting:

  1. What type of content will you be sharing?
  2. Which of your followers will be most interested?
  3. Which relevant hashtags would attract the most people?

I love Hallmark Channel Christmas movies and chose to live tweet during “Christmas Cookies”. A movie about a small town Cookie Company that is threatening to close its doors or sell off to a larger conglomerate. Either decision will result in the residents of Cookie Town losing their small town employer!

I chose to live Tweet in the middle of the movie in hopes of not sharing too many spoilers!

Frequency of Posts

Over a 30 minute time frame I posted five tweets discussing different parts of the movie and showcasing relevant snapshots.

My first tweet had 135 impressions and 2 interactions.

Choosing Tags

For this Live Tweeting experiment I chose to tag @hallmarkchannel.  The hashtags I used included: #Christmas, #winter, #movies, #technology, #sustainable, and #business.

I started out focusing on tags that just reflected the overall theme of the movie. Then I started including tags that highlighted specific topics being covered within the movie. I also started choosing topics that might be of more interest within my current Twitter community.

My second Tweet had 130 impressions and 0 interactions.


I found that live tweeting during a TV Show was not as effective as live tweeting during an event. I recently attended a speed networking event where several people were actively taking pictures and live tweeting.  Several other people were responding to those Tweets with questions or comments about their own experiences.

My third tweet had 146 impressions and 2 interactions.


I chose to live tweet during a TV Show because I was curious to see what the engagement level would be and also if the type of content I was sharing would be interesting to my Twitter community.

I discovered that I didn’t receive very much engagement during this experiment. With hindsight I believe I should have used hashtags that referenced more about romance, relationships, winter, and the holidays.

My fourth Tweet had 165 impressions and 0 interactions.

My fifth Tweet had 167 impressions and 2 interactions.

Wrapping Up

Don’t worry if you missed seeing “Christmas Cookies” because it will be airing again on November 19 at 4:00 PM! I have always been a sucker for a holiday movie with a twist of love.

I would love to know what your favorite holiday movie is. Do you prefer romance, drama or comedy?

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