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My Life as a Nontraditional Student at NC State University

North Carolina State UniversityMy daughter was accepted to UNC School of the Arts for her last two years of high school. This presented me with the opportunity of going back to college to complete my bachelors of arts degree at NC State University.

Embarking on this adventure has provided me with more amazing opportunities than I could have ever expected! I am now in my final year at NC State University. My life would have been so much smaller without having met such influential teachers, students, business leaders, and staff.

Varied Topics at NC State University

During my time at NC State University I have learned about such a wide variety of topics. Some of these include: architecture, modern middle east history, the Italian language (50% fluent!), basic English grammar (who knew eighth grade was so important!), water aerobics (not just for old ladies!), quantitative research theory, public speaking, and philosophy.

I even learned how to study! I couldn’t believe during my first semester that knowing how to study was something I had forgotten how to do.

Business Experience at NC State University

Raleigh Symphony OrchestraI loved working with the Raleigh Symphony Orchestra during my nonprofit leadership class. During my editing class I chose the editor for Cary Magazine as my ideal speech topic. Meeting with her over coffee and learning about her career path and future goals was incredible. I am currently working under the Director of Communication in the NC State Poole College of Management.

B Corporations

B Corporation People using business as a force for goodA fairly new legal business structure called B Corporation helps people use business as a force for good!

Students are telling me they are concerned about the quality of life they will have working for area corporations. The companies these students are finding seem faceless and careless.

The B Corporation movement is helping to change that! B Corporations are legally structured to be better for the environment, employees, and communities!

Our world is an amazing place, full of opportunities, just waiting for us to put together the pieces and help make it better for generations to come!

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