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Making Real Differences in a Virtual Age

We can make a difference

What kind of difference would you like to make during your lifetime? It isn’t too late to start today. With many of us, our work fills a large portion of our lives. How can we use our work to help us make a difference?

I find it so easy to simply press the “thumbs up” or “check mark” button on posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. It definitely takes more time to click posts, read articles, and leave real tangible comments, ideas or suggestions.  It takes even more time to get offline and actually be part of the action.

Has our virtual age turned us into people of indifference? Have I become silenced by my digital addiction? I have been trying to think of the last time I attended a rally or physically stood up for something I believe in. Every day I like posts and share them … but will that really make any lasting changes or make a real difference?

For the past two weeks, I have been reading books and magazines while trying to unplug from my phone and social media accounts. I want to feel air passing me by and tousling my hair. I want to shake hands, give hugs, and share high fives.

Here are some good reads:

Breathe issue 9 magazine

Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy by Sarah Ban Breathnach

flow 19 Days of Mindfulness magazine

I don’t receive a commission from any of the above items, they were helpful to me and thought you might enjoy them.

I am determined to lead a more non-virtual life in 2018. Please share any ideas you have about how I can accomplish this goal!

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