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Morning Rituals Bring Sanity and Clarity

may peace be with you (photo taken by jere wilson)For years I have struggled for harmony and balance in my life. Over the past few weeks of learning to let go, while reading Lara Casey’s book Make it Happen and her blog, I have discovered a sense of calm and deep peace.

I started by simply joining my husband for a morning cup of coffee in our library. At first it was awkward and we didn’t know what to talk about. Then we fell into a wonderful rhythm of saying hello, exchanging hugs, sharing thoughts that made us laugh, discussing ideas we felt were important or asking advice about something we were worried about.

There is so much joy in simply being with someone you can just be yourself with. I love our mornings together. It gives me something to look forward to and a wonderful way to gently wake up, enjoying a brand new day.

May peace be with you,


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