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Planning for 2016 with dreams of being authentic and letting go

2016 Goal Setting + a HUGE giveaway from @laracasey Make it happen! had a lovely kick in the pants back in October 2015 when I attended the Illuminate event hosted by VendRaleigh. Their keynote speaker, Lara Casey with Making Things Happen, spoke directly to my heart as she shared her story and encouraged each of us to live our lives with purpose, not perfection.

She also shared her amazing Making Things Happen PowerSheets with all of us and I immediately got started on filling out the first few pages, got distracted, and never got back to them. As someone who loves to be active and is always getting involved in this event or that activity, I often find myself miles away (mentally) from where I should be.

Here we are nearing the end of December and once more, I have uncovered the beautiful and intriguing pages of the Making Things Happen PowerSheets and this time, I am determined to remain more focused, breathe in patience and exhale anxiety.

Making Things Happen PowerSheetsThrough the pages I am rediscovering dreams that I have had and lost along my journey. I am refocusing on what truly belongs in my life and what has been filling spaces while I wasn’t looking.

I have always struggled with letting go of doubts and fears. But, after writing them down into the Making Things Happen PowerSheets, a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I can face them without flinching and I can truly start letting them go.

Another step forward.

Anna Campbell

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