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Rekindling our Love and Sizzle for Christmas

Campbell Family Christmas TreeRemember when we would dream of Christmas morning and wonder what treasures awaited us? Remember driving your family crazy by trying to guess and carefully watching their faces trying to see if you had guessed correctly?

As the years have gone by and it has become more convenient to get all of our shopping done in one day online and shipped without worry or fret… we have somehow lost that Christmas magic. We are no longer looking longingly under the tree, or pestering our family with unquenchable curiosity.. mostly because we already know what we are getting, or we have already gotten it. Many times now, we are getting it for ourselves which completely removes any joy or excitement of waiting and savoring the sweet anticipation of Christmas.

Have we lost the joy and sizzle of Christmas out of our need for instant gratification?

Campbell family fireplaceI believe that is what has happened in our home, and we have decided to completely cool down our crude shopping habits and trim back the excess and greed this year. We have tried instead to focus on what we can do with each other and what is needed versus just wanted. This has been much harder than I thought it would be. We have gotten into such a habit of convenience and wanting everything, right now.

I forgot how hard it was to wait. Wait to open. Wait to know. And in the waiting, I have discovered is where we are finding that old excitement and sizzle!

Maybe this Christmas, we will sit back, listen to holiday music, cuddle by the fire, tell stories, and genuinely watch as each person opens their gift (instead of the bad habit of just waiting until they unwrap their present and then greedily grab our next gift and start unwrapping, tossing, grabbing, unwrapping, and tossing).

May your holiday season rekindle your love for each other and bring back some of the Christmas sizzle!

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