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Respectful Bosses understand Key Points of Workplace Respect

Being a respectful bossDeborah Norville in her book The Power of Respect shares the results she has found from her research on workplace dynamics and what comprises a respectful boss.

Respectful Bosses:

  • Treat workers with dignity
  • Give employees a voice
  • Encourage and empower workers
  • Provide feedback and coaching (privately, if appropriate)
  • Recognize workers’ contributions and achievements
  • Give employees a stake in the company’s success
  • Use fair procedures
  • Apologize when they are wrong

We each possess the power to be a respectful boss. But, it is all up to who we want to be and how much we want to put into our own training and skill base.  Just because we are a boss or leader, does not mean that we already know everything.

Everyone has something useful they can learn and share. Being a respectful boss means that you possess the awareness to know the difference.


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