Business Services

Are you ready to reach your desired clientele?

Anna Campbell works with her clients to create a clear plan to attract, communicate and secure desired clientele.

Anna has experience with a range of clients including: bed & breakfasts, candle manufacturing companies, gift shops, service providers, historical societies, antique dealers, specialty shops, community events, educational institutions, and nonprofit organizations.

Anna is highly selective with the clients that she works with and offers one complimentary session to potential clients. During this complimentary session Anna will guide the potential client through a serious of questions that will help clarify the clients needs.

Consultation fees:

$45 per 30 minute in person session (Raleigh or Wilmington areas).

$100 per 30 minute phone or skype session (clients outside of Raleigh/Wilmington areas).

Individual clients requiring a long-term consultation agreement will receive individualized pricing.

Contact Anna for a free business consultation.