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Staying Organized with Trello

Technology can be a gift and a curse.

Trello project management tool

Finding the calm within the brewing storm of growing technology I have been able to find refuge with an easy to use project management tool called: Trello.

As my life gets busier with work, school, friends, and family finding a resourceful tool that helps me stay on top of demanding tasks and tight deadlines is truly a gift!

Using Trello

Trellostaying balanced with trello helps me divide up tasks onto future, current and completed boards. I am able to create individual tasks with deadlines and attach related documents (from my computer or google docs).

Sharing Trello

Trello also allows me to invite people who can help me on a specific goal or an entire project. Each team member is able to create private or public boards. Sharing Trello builds communication within teams and helps team leaders track group progress.

Going Virtual

My favorite organizational tool has always been a paper weekly organizer, however I have needed to lighten my carrying load and using this online tool. Trello has allowed me to track my deadlines, communicate with team members and track my accomplishments.

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