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What sustainability challenge would you most like to solve?

Sustainability Challenges Solved with NatureI would love to solve the current misunderstanding our country has about being accountable for our buying options and choices of ingredients being used in products such as make-up, soaps, and clothing.

Many of these ingredients harm the planet during the creation process, harm the humans or animals they are used on, and harm the planet again when they are discarded.

Using Nature

Nature has a beautiful way of healing itself when given enough time, unfortunately at our current rate of consumption we are testing the ability of our planet to continue providing resources we take for granted. Resources such as clean water, clean air, and healthy soil.

It is time for us to stop polluting our planet and start working with our planet to create healthy lives for ourselves and every species sharing this planet with us. I believe using business as a force for good will help build healthier communities on a global scale.

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