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The top 5 reasons all PR pros should use Hootsuite

Hootsuite has been a game changer for me at work and I am excited to tell you why. I have found 5 ways Hootsuite has given me more time at the beach. Hootsuite enables social media posters to automate and strengthen their marketing campaigns.

Connecting Multiple Social Media Accounts

  • Hootsuite Composer ToolFree accounts are able to connect up to 3 social media accounts.
  • We have focused on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • Hootsuite has a post composer tool that provides an easy way to select the correct number of characters for Twitter and includes additional options for Instagram and Facebook.

Finding Influencer Accounts

  • Hootsuite makes it easier to locate specific people or companies that may find your posts interesting or informative.
  • We tag (use @accountname) accounts that may want to share our post with their followers.
  • We also tag complementary companies and influencers that may agree with our post so that they will hopefully share it with their followers.
  • Warning #1: Make sure the account you are tagging is for the person or entity you think it belongs to.

Scheduling Posts

  • Hootsuite SchedulerHootsuite allows free accounts to schedule 30 future posts.
  • By scheduling posts, we are able to keep our accounts active and engaging.
  • Hootsuite also offers an auto-schedule feature. This feature predicts optimal posting times and will automatically schedule your post to maximize viewers.
  • Instead of using the auto-schedule feature, I create an initial post to announce the event a few weeks prior to it happening. Then I post again with a reminder message a few days before the event occurs.  This gets the conversation started and then works as a reminder.
  • Warning #2: Be aware of what is happening in the world around you and make sure scheduled posts will keep you shining in a positive light.

Tracking Account Feeds

  • Stay on top of what competitors or influencers are posting on their accounts that may affect your service or product in a positive or negative way.
  • You can select to see specific accounts, messages, or your full account feed. This helps you stay on top of negative posts that may need responses.
  • Warning #3: Be careful about how many feeds you are following. Only display the feeds that are related to your current mission, purpose, or agenda. This will help keep your feed clutter-free and easier to manage.

Engaging With Followers

  • Engage with HootsuiteOne of the biggest goals for us is to be engaged with our followers. We want to hear from our customers about their experiences. We also love seeing them responding to our posts with pictures or comments.
  • This is another great feature Hootsuite provides. We are able to respond to customer comments or posts directly from our Hootsuite dashboard.
  • Warning #4: Be careful when responding to people’s posts. If you haven’t been invited to comment or the need isn’t present for you to respond, they may see you as a stalker.

Using tools that can automate time-consuming and mind-numbing tasks is just smart business.  Hootsuite also provides online training courses to help you get everything out of their platform.

I would love to hear about your experience with Hootsuite or another social media posting platform.

Wishing you happiness and success,



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