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What is Fair Trade?

Photographed by Elliot Eliash © 2014 Fair Trade USAI have been trying to live my life with more intention and the idea of Fair Trade sounds interesting but is it doable? Is this something we can actually support and grow?

According to Fair Trade USA fair trade is: “quality products, improving lives, and protecting the planet.”

But how is this possible? Aren’t the leading forces in our world large faceless corporate conglomerates selling us propaganda to keep buying regardless of what happens to fellow human beings around the world? Not to mention our planet.

Fair Trade USA says that they help farmers in developing countries build sustainable businesses that positively influence their communities.

They are a nonprofit, but they do not do charity. Instead, they teach disadvantaged communities how to use the free market to their advantage. With Fair Trade USA, the money we spend on day-to-day goods can improve an entire community’s day-to-day lives.

Fair Trade USAIs this true? I believe it is, do you? Have you seen this label on products in your local stores?

Did you know that products displaying this logo are working to make a difference in their community and our world?

Did you know that each time we purchase a product with this label, we are making a real difference.

With our fast and crazy lives making a difference can sometimes seem far fetched or even under handed… we are always wondering.. what is really in it for them?

I believe the difference with this program is that it is being operated by people for people. Individual people taking responsibility and taking an extra step towards a better tomorrow.

Do you buy Fair Trade products?

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